Inventory & Project Management

Kitting services offer some of the greatest advantages when it comes to purchasing. ADDCOM offers a full kitting services that includes ordering, tracking and packaging your kits. ADDCOM guarantees to deliver the right parts to the right place at the right time.

Kitting offers customers the opportunity to improve their supply chain in several ways:

  • Reduce purchasing impact of adding multiple new suppliers and purchase order costs
  • Facility and Operational Improvement by saving floor space.
  • Reduced Internal labor costs associated with purchasing and logistics.
  • Reduced the use of packaging materials that impacts the environment.

From concept to design – ADDCOM offers project design service that caters our client needs. We design each project according to the requirements or specification given by the customer, keeping in mind what is expected in terms of performance.

With our extensive experience, knowledge and skills in electronic designing, we are able to rapidly design and build innovative electronic products. Our process starts from an idea. Customers comes to us with the ideas and concepts, both simple and complex, and we will create what they need. We will assisting them through all stage of the new product design process.

From initial product concept, through development to production and long- term support and maintenance, we have the experience and expertise to make your project a success.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a streamlined approach to inventory management and order fulfilment. VMI involves collaboration between suppliers and customers. ADDCOM will manage your stocks. We will be responsible in supplying what you need. This process will help you avoid lower inventories that can lead to cost savings. The goal of VMI is to align business objectives and streamline supply chain operations for both suppliers and customers.

Why you need VMI?

VMI is a proven growing practice and a straight forward process. With VMI, a supplier take responsibility for managing your inventory for their products. Both parties agree up front on the goals and metrics – usually focused on in-stock performance, inventory turns, and transaction costs. With VMI:

  1. The supplier monitors your sales and inventory levels.
  2. The supplier manager reordering calculations based on actual demand, lead time and other factors.
  3. The VMI system recommends replenishment orders.

ADDCOM is build its niche product line card and specialization.  We maintain one of the largest in-stock inventories of automation components and systems which guarantees we will always have your most requested product in stock.  We have streamlined packaging and labeling services for greater efficiency to help you meet your requirement on time.

ADDCOM offer additional value-added services for your inventory & project management needs.   We can help design and customize a system or equipment depending on your requirement.

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