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AATC was established in 1996, which is a leading manufacturer of high quality acoustic components (micro speakers, mini speakers, speaker boxes, transducers, indicators, magnetic buzzers, piezo buzzers, sirens, electret condenser microphones, earphones and receivers). AATC has outstanding experience to supply high quality products for various applications. Our management and finished products meet the ISO 14000 & ISO9001, TS-16949 standard, assuring you of the best quality. Our company has the world's advanced SOUNDCHECK, B&K 2012 and RoHS detector.

AATC has sufficient practical experience and technology, in the industry is located in the leading position, AATC can provide high-quality electronic products and related electronic terminal application technology services. Our products are included in end products such as computers, communications, automotive, medical equipment, security, uninterruptible power supply, Bluetooth terminal, GPS, household appliances and other consumer electronics products, the quality of our division to be more active Relentless exploration of the spirit of the product for the process of integration and quality improvement, to enhance the quality of management performance.

Our products are widely applied in various kinds of electronic devices such as bar-code machines,multifunction printers, computers, all kinds of telephones, music players, pen recorders, digital cameras, toys, wireless, hand-held type equipments, POS, communication facilities, which can be seen in many different industries including telecommunications, consumer electronics, information technology, home appliances, automobile, security, medical and industrial equipment related industry.

AATC has worked successfully with many well-known brands all over the world. For example: Asus, Delta, Foxconn, Flextronics, GPV, Pegatron, Plexus, Sanmina, Wistron, Advantec, Arçelik, Bosch, Jabil, Matrix, Mitsubishi, MSI,Panasonic, Sakura, Quanta…etc. They are either our direct or indirect customers.

Please review our up-to-date compliance documents below:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

IATF 16949



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