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Amatom Electronic Hardware:

Amatom Electronic Hardware has a history of product and service excellence that spans more than 50 years and a reputation for ingenuity and dependability. We abide by our traditions, even as we respond and adapt to an ever-changing global marketplace.

Amatom was founded in 1957 by Lowell Abeles in New Rochelle, New York, beginning as a broker for manufacturers serving metro New York and Long Island. In 1960, Lowell began to add in-house secondary machines capable of modifying purchased parts to meet customer requirements. By 1962, he’d completed Amatom’s transition to a full-service manufacturer.

In the mid-‘60s, Lowell introduced “The Bible of the Electronic Hardware Industry” – the Amatom Electronic Hardware Reference Manual. A precursor to today’s online reference guides, the Manual established Amatom as the go-to source for industry parts.

Part of Carey Manufacturing since 2003, we’ve grown to become a worldwide supplier of electronic hardware, serving manufacturers and assembly markets.

Amatom. The original and the best.

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