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With more than 50 years combined experience as manufacturing specialists in the semiconductor industry, America Semiconductor manufactures and delivers high-quality power semiconductors for a wide range of applications. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, top-notch testing equipment, and experienced technicians meticulously performing industry standard and specialized tests, quality control is the cornerstone of our success

America Semiconductor provides the alternative energy, oil drilling, power grid, welding, rail, ship board, and automotive industries with high quality, reliable, and cost-effective products, including a wide range of custom and semi-custom items.

Our Philosophy
Operating within the principles of the Constant Initiative, America Semiconductor maintains large inventories of popular components to enable fast, efficient deliveries around the globe, ultimately reducing lead times for customers.

The Constant Initiative procurement solution espouses the positive philosophy of only selling products through authorized distributors, ensuring a safe and reliable supply chain. By not taking key or growth accounts on a direct basis, America Semiconductor maintains 100% control of its products throughout the supply chain engendering trust by increasing traceability and sustaining a direct lineage back to the OSM.

Through the Constant Initiative supply principles, America Semiconductor has established confidence at the OEM level that it will not pull business away from its distribution partners, thus providing a constant source that the supply chain desperately needs. This effort will help eliminate the danger of counterfeit and substandard semiconductor devices getting into customer supply chains.

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