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Since 1994, Ametherm has provided the most reliable and effective inrush current limiting solutions available. We deliver on that promise through innovative design, quality manufacturing, and exceptional customer support.

At Ametherm, we’re solution driven. Our number one priority is to help you solve your inrush current or temperature sensing challenges with cost effective and time saving solutions.

“Simple Perfection” is the goal of Ametherm’s Total Quality Management program, and everyone at Ametherm is encouraged to simplify processes to achieve perfection. Upper management champions quality, and the Quality Manager is on the board of directors of Ametherm. The quality personnel’s main function at Ametherm is as a facilitator and liaison for the various functional areas of Ametherm, its vendors, and customers.

Ametherm Celebrates 25 Years of High Power Inrush Current Limiters and NTC Thermistors

Ametherm, a global leader of inrush current limiting devices, is celebrating 25 years of business as the only manufacturer of inrush current limiters in the United States that serves a global audience. Founded in 1994 by Eric Rauch and Mehdi Samii, Ametherm manufactures high-power inrush current limiters and thermistors that exhibit some of the highest energy and current ratings in the electronic components industry.

Over the last 25 years, Ametherm has consistently expanded its components, including the company’s acquisition of the SURGE-GARD inrush current limiter product line from RTI Electronics in 2013. Ametherm went on to introduce the MM35-DIN Series of inrush current limiters that filled a much-needed void for high-power industrial equipment that require inrush current limiting to withstand input energy up to 1200 J. The company followed this success with its release of the PANR 103395-342, an NTC thermistor probe assembly for high-accuracy temperature sensing and measurement in Li-ion battery power applications.

To fulfill the needs of a rapidly growing electronic components industry, Ametherm more than doubled its production capabilities in 2013 by moving into a 36,000 sq. ft. facility in the center of Carson City, Nevada. This allowed Ametherm to focus on manufacturing superior quality inrush current limiters with higher current ratings, energy ratings, and voltage ratings. With the increased space, Ametherm also was able to invest in technology and equipment to manufacture custom devices, including NTC thermistor temperatures sensors, as well as new products for a variety of cutting-edge, in-demand applications and industries that include:

• Green Energy and Energy Storage
• Li-ion Batteries
• Power Supplies/Inverters
• Motor Drives
• Audio Equipment

“We have worked very hard to reach this milestone and for that we are immensely proud, especially given the constantly evolving market and demand for power electronics. We would not have been able to achieve this level of success without our team of more than 50 employees who are dedicated to our mission and inspired by what the future holds for Ametherm,” said Eric Rauch, president of Ametherm. “We look forward to celebrating 25 more years of success by building on our commitment to customer service and investing in technology innovation.”

From the beginning, Ametherm has set itself apart by always having a live person available to answer telephone calls and respond to technical questions received from its content-driven website. In 2014 Ametherm was named Business of the Year by Carson City, Nevada, in the annual Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA) Pioneer Awards.

“We have a brilliant and talented team of engineers and technicians who are always analyzing our products, testing ideas, and answering technical questions to improve performance and electrical specifications,” said Mehdi Samii, vice president of engineering. “As a result, we are designing and manufacturing inrush current limiters and thermistors with energy ratings and dielectric ratings that do not even exist on the market.”

Ametherm is already working on the next generation of inrush current limiters and thermistor temperature sensors, and is looking forward to 25 more years in business by building on past successes.

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