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Bomar was founded in 1963, as a manufacturer of quartz crystals to the commercial and two-way radio industries. The nature of the business required tight tolerance and high stablility crystals over a wide frequency range, in order to meet stringent FCC specifications. The need to be produced quickly was important to our growing base of customers. Many of our customers were local, state and federal police and surveillance agencies. Bomar soon became not only the leading supplier in this market, but was consistently recognized for quality of product, quick turnaround times and unsurpassed customer service.

In 1988 Bomar began to build an OEM customer base. Customers from the telecommunications, computer, medical, security, commercial and industrial markets began to use not only crystals, but also clock oscillators, VCXOs and TCXOs. To meet this change in product requirements we redesigned our manufacturing processses and added new manufacturing equipment to produce crystals and oscillators in smaller packages with higher frequencies, low phase noise and low jitter. With these changes and the addition of state of the art test equipment, Bomar’s domestic manufacturing facility continues to provide frequency control products with the same quick turnaround, high reliability, tight tolerance and stability that it has since 1963.

During the strong growth years in the early 90’s, Bomar developed close working relationships with a few select Asian factories to manufacture products to Bomar specifications. These relationships were established only after Bomar qualified their processes and products. Today, Bomar has low cost sources for high volumes of crystals, clock oscillators, VCXOs and TCXOs continuing our 50 year commitment to providing high performance frequency control solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations in terms of price, quality and customer support.

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