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Capxon Group is the leading manufacturer in the industry with the ability to vertically integrate aluminum electrolytic capacitors with anode aluminum foils. Regarding the examination of the raw materials, the overall manufacturing process, and operation of our group, we have installed related facilities and equipment to support our quality monitoring in order match the instructions and requirements demanded by international environmental protection protocols such as “RoHS”, “REACH”, “WEEE” and others. We have also introduced IECQ QC 080000 electronic and engineering parts and product hazardous substance process management system, practiced a green production mechanism, placed emphasis on occupational health and safety, and obtained related certificates such as the OHSAS 18001 management system recognition in order to win the trust of our customers.

Our group has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and selling capacitors, along with a firm base of customers. Since going public in Hong Kong in 2007, we have about 2300 employees and annual revenue of about 1 billion CNY. Its subordinate business bodies have completed manufacturing capacity expansion and business expansion year by year according to plan and conducted manufacturing technology R&D and the production of machines and facilities. Our products are sold globally and offer a series of different scales to fulfill customized demands, including various features such as long life, high capacitance, low impedance, heat-resistance, high voltage, and flame retardant.Our products are also equipped with safe explosion-proof structural designs and are widely applied in consumer electronics, industrial control systems, renewable energy facilities, automation, medical services, vehicles, lighting, air conditioners, communication, smart devices and other fields. Currently, our main focuses of development are markets such as photovoltaic & wind energy inverters, electronic vehicles, vehicle charging stations, and others. We follow the strict zero-defect policy of the car industry to constantly improve the quality of our products and manufacturing system, a concept that has become the gene of our enterprise. We also introduced the AEC-Q200 protocols of the car industry and obtained recognition such as ISO/TS16949 and others. Making an all-out effort in fulfilling the demands of our customers is our ideal concept. Therefore, a highly integrated manufacturing process, conducting R&D on related materials, cost controlling, and commonly developing products that suit customers’ needs are the key factors to success.

The market demand on conductive polymer capacitors and hybrid capacitors has grown rapidly. Therefore, in order to respond to such market demand, we have invested in related facilities and have developed a series of products. In addition to that, we further pursue products with higher voltage and longer service life to aggressively expand our scope of business. With our self-developed manufacturing process, we can already manufacture polymer capacitors with a rated voltage as high as 400V and have successfully developed aluminum laminated capacitors while applying them in the ultra-thin series. Capxon has a complete series of products regarding their sizes and scales and all of them are being manufactured at our factory at Shenzhen. We hereby promise our customers that all our products are “self-manufactured by Capxon”. All the R&D and manufacturing operations are conducted at our factories and we do not outsource any part of the aforementioned operations to other companies.

The group understands that environmental protection is an inevitable common responsibility and has endeavored to enhance its performance on environmental protection. The main sources of energy that our group uses are electric power, diesel fuel and gasoline, which are used at industrial manufacturing, air conditioning facilities, transportation and others. Through mechanism establishment, technology reformation, promotion and training, we have improved the amount of energy saved and have successfully obtained the energy management system recognition of ISO50001. We also follow legal regulations, deal with contaminations, conduct clean manufacturing, reduce consumption, save energy, reduce the usage of toxins, and constantly improve and beautify the environment. Regarding environment protection, the group has stipulated annual environmental protection goals with the purpose of reducing negative effects due on the environment due to our operations. We have also obtained certificates of recognition of ISO14001:2004 for our environment management system and ISO14064:2006 for the management system on greenhouse air emissions. Upholding the principles of “right product, right time, right quality”, we provide customers with highly valuable, eco-friendly and low carbon outstanding products with our swift and flexible supply chain.

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