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DTi offers Conductive Fabric Over Foam G Series Gaskets for a wide variety of EMI shielding applications. They consist of a conductive fabric on a highly compressed polyurethane foam core with a conductive adhesive tape. Available in both standard and custom heights and widths to meet your mechanical needs with low to modest MOQ’s. Excellent flexibility with superior adhesive strength guarantee and a precise fit on uneven surfaces.

DTi’s Conductive Fabric Over Foam G Series also offers a gold fabric option, providing increased conductivity and minimum oxidation over the nickel or silver fabrics. In addition, there are foam density and adhesive thickness and location options to optimize performance in your application. DTi can provide 1 meter strips, cut lengths and or die-cut matrices for optimal manufacturing assembly. No matter what the application is, they can work with you to design the optimal EMI Shielding Gasket. Please ask about DTi’s other shielding materials EMI Absorber, Shielding Cushion gaskets (X-Y-Z conductive material), Conductive Silicone (molded or extruded)or Thermal interface solutions.

Here are the links to DTI’s specific pages:

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E Series Conductive Silicone: Shield-Fast E Series-conductive-silicone

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