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DONG-YANG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is specialized in only fire protection devices and are leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Thermal links, Thermal Cutoffs, Thermal Fuses, Thermojoiners, Thermal Cutoff Fuse, Thermal Temperature Fuse, Appliance Protection Thermal Cutoffs, Appliance Protection Thermal Fuse, Heat Protection Thermal Fuse, Safety Thermal Fuse, Fusible Thermal Link, Fire Protection Thermo Joiners, etc.. Since it is about our own family’s safety against unexpected fire in daily life, the quality is the top priority and we are already known as top quality products in the worldwide market. In addition DYE is also famous for fast delivery and close care for each customer.

Thermal links are a fuse to cut the electrical power when temperature exceed preset one. Home appliances, automobile and any electrical products that has a possibility of unexpected fire are the main applications.

Thermojoiners are our own invention that connects electrical power when temperature exceed preset one. Simply it is the opposite concept of Thermal links. Its applications are guidance lamp system, signal transmitter, fire alarm system, emergency lighting system, thermal sensing devices etc..

Since Thermal links are mandatory parts that should be installed in most countries for daily products such as home appliances and automobiles due to safety issue, It is required for us to obtain most well-known certificates such as KC (Korea), UL/cUL, VDE, PSE and CCC.

There are too many fake products and bad quality ones in the markets. Random sampling tests for each incoming lot by a customer is the only way to see the quality difference and the consistency of quality. It is very important for a customer to secure and confirm the supplied channel of thermal links no matter what brand is used.

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