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E WAY Technology Co., LTD. established in April 2000, mainly manufacturing NTC thermistors and related passive components at the outset, which belongs to electronic component industry. NTC is an extremely sensitive semiconductor component with high temperature coefficient, whose core is made from precision electronic ceramic which are sintered by high temperature.

NTC thermistor has wide range of applications, including temperature sensing and compensation, liquid level measurement, wind speed measurement and so on. Our end customers are mostly world-class manufacturers of 3C consumer electronic products such as smart phone, notebook and tablet, etc.


For pursuing the concept of continuous innovation, our company started to focus on graphene oxide and graphene research in 2011 and established an advanced material department in 2013. The products of the advanced material department comprise graphene oxide and graphene related materials. According to customer’s needs, we can also conduct functionalized modifies for developing various applications. To help customers accelerate commoditization and achieve a win-win situation, we develop a variety of end applications of graphene oxide and graphene materials.

We not only provide customized services in NTC thermistor, graphene oxide and graphene related products, but also strive to satisfy customer’s need of high technology product with high precision and quality, and expect to become the best partner of customers.

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