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R&D Services

Fractus Antennas is leading the industry in the design, simulation, integration, optimization and testing of miniature antennas. We produce reliable and high quality antennas for smartphones, wireless consumer, and connected IoT devices worldwide.

NN Wireless Fast Track

Get a first architecture design including an embedded antenna in a jiffy. Try our Wireless Fast Track service and you’ll receive a tailored antenna design approach for free in 24h. The design will include an off-the-shelf and tiny Virtual Antenna™ component specially selected for your application and a customized matching network specifically designed by the NN Engineering Team. Use the Wireless Fast Track tool, it´s the easiest and the fastest path to go wireless.
1. Fill a form, 2. Submit it, 3. Get your answer in one working day.

NN Embedded Antenna Design

Achieve the maximum performance for your wireless device including an embedded internal antenna in one week. With the NN Embedded Antenna Design service you will be able to design your IoT product including the antenna together with all the other board elements you are considering. You will obtain a full simulation with an embedded design that optimizes the antenna performance on your device, including the effect of the surrounding components provided in your 3D model.

NN Matching Network

Any antenna matching process requires the attention to ensure the best antenna performance is achieved. We deliver the optimum antenna performance by designing the best matching network, including the antenna testing in our anechoic chamber. Matching network design, minimizing VSWR while maximizing efficiency, based on measurements of the antenna’s radiation pattern: antenna gain, efficiency, impedance or VSWR, bandwidth, polarization, and in case of MIMO, correlation and multiplex antenna efficiency.

NN Consultancy on Antenna Integration

At Fractus Antennas we know every single device is different. For this reason, if you are involved in a project where the antenna requirements are not easy enough we are ready to help you. Our Engineering Team can support you from beginning to the end of the design process, from initial specs to final engineering layouts. Your new wireless device idea together with our miniature off-the-shelf antenna products and our fully customized antenna integration service, is the perfect match for your next project.

NN Consultancy on Wireless Device Certification

Fractus Antennas experts support you till the end. We offer our clients a qualified antenna redesign and a final testing service in case the wireless device don´t meet the exact requirements for the last certification phase. Our engineers will assist you with the final test of your wireless device and they will make sure the chosen antenna design is a real success.


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