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Fremont Micro Devices, a privately held fabless IC design company, is a leader in non-volatile memory and power management ICs. It was founded in 2003 and is funded by various international venture capitals. It has offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. The key members are educated from the top universities in the United States with well over 60 years of design experience in the Silicon Valley combined.

Fremont Micro Devices engages in original designs and owns many patents. As with most successful international design houses we have a world class design team in addition to a strong technology team. We own or co-own with foundries most of the technologies used in our products. This intimate knowledge of the technologies enables fast time to market of high performance, high reliability and low cost ICs.

In addition to our non-volatile memory and power IC offerings, FMD is also engaged in ASIC designs, providing flexible, low cost, highly integrated, high reliability, reverse engineering resistive and quick turn solutions to customers. Leveraging FMD’s expertise in EEPROM, mixed-signal and power management, we have successfully developed many ASIC chips tailored to customers’ requirements. Several ASIC business models are available.

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