Golden Vision LCD

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Founded in 1995, Golden Vision develops and produces and sells a wide range of innovative LCDs and LCD modules for industrial and professional LCD display application.

Golden Vision also owns advanced technology support and resources for touch screen solution. We are solution provider delivering quality and service excellence to the customer.

Our goal is to be ” the Best in Display and Touch Screen solution “, as a manufacturer of display and touch screen , value-add enhancements and kit solutions for passive LCD and active TFT LCD. We will continue our efforts to explore, design and build highly innovative products relating to the Flat Panel industry.

Golden Vision’s dedication to designing and manufacturing superior LCD display and touch panel keeps us at the forefront of the Human-Interface industry. Additionally our big business capability comes from China-based manufacturing with low cost but high quality, makes us maintain in its position as a strong market presence that the customer can rely on.

Our in-house expertise and the wide breadth of our product and service range allow Golden Vision to take a leading international position in LCD technology.

We become partners with our customers by working closely with their engineering, purchasing, and corporate departments, where we utilize our experience to come up with products and solutions that are the perfect fit for their specific application. As a result our customers consistently develop the best possible products, while saving time and reducing costs.

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