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Conceived in 1958, the concept of the HELI-CAL Flexure was developed to manufacture flexible couplings from single piece, homogenous high-strength materials. That concept quickly became the cornerstone for the Helical Products Company. Since then, the adaptability of the HELI-CAL Flexure has helped to solve thousands of mechanical misalignment and motion control problems.

The unique mechanical characteristics of the Flexure have enabled Helical Products Company to develop a series of highly versatile products which can compensate for irregularities such as angular and skewed misalignment, parallel offset, and axial motion. All of this can be accomplished while maintaining constant rotational velocity and smooth bearing loads.

Having now expanded the Flexure concept into the manufacture of over 10,000 standard coupling designs, Helical Products have also engineered a line of Flexured U-joints, machined springs, and various custom components. Helical’s coupling line ranges from miniature designs to flexible couplings for the power transmission industry.

Request a catalog of standard products or contact our engineers about your specific requirements, and Helical Products can design, develop, and produce a custom HELI-CAL Flexure solution for your application.

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