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About US

Iskra is a globally recognized provider of intelligent Industrial solutions and cutting-edge electrotechnical products.
We are inspired by tradition. Enlightened by professional knowledge and motivated by know-how. With Iskra you will be able to improve existing applications and introduce new technologies in following strategic business areas:

  • Energy sector
  • Electrotechnical components
  • Efficient installations
  • Traffic
  • Telecommunications
  • Security, supply and facility management

For 70 years, Iskra has been the largest knowledge hub in the region, developing one of the most demanding projects.
Our solutions can be found in all continents of the globe and usually represent the crucial system building block in various industries.

Slovenian designer Davorin Savnik designed the ETA 80 telephone in 1979.
Due to its clean and extremely pure design ETA 80 represents an innovative design solution at that time That’s why it has become the most copied product of Slovenian design in the world.

Iskra’s Strategic Milestones


At Iskra, we create sustainable solutions for intelligent automation of public infrastructure, energy efficiency, and home and industry management, and we manufacture advanced products in the field of electrical installations of electronic devices.

Through more than 70 years of history, we have built the Iskra name as a reputable partner by supplying the highest quality components, devices, innovative solutions, and efficient system integration to more than 80 world markets.

All this is achieved with perseverance and responsibility of all our employees and through flexible and transparent cooperation with our customers. The high level of loyalty and the personal and professional growth of each employee gives us a higher added value and long-term stability of the company.

Being a company with tradition and a major employer, we are aware of the great responsibility we have, which is why we support socially responsible projects that are in line with our values and beliefs. We are working intensively on the integration of younger generations into the labor market through scholarships and work practice, and through the sustainable development of the whole company, we contribute to the quality of life of our employees and society as a whole.


At Iskra, we believe that a secure and bright future of the individual can only be achieved through the sustainable development of society.

We commit ourselves to being a trusted development partner in public infrastructure, the energy sector and global car and electrical industries in order to contribute to the creation of leading products and solutions with that all-important spark in our eyes!


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