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hangzhou Keliking Electronics Co., Ltd. was registered in No.1-1301, Hengsheng Technology Park, Beitanghe road, Tianlin District, Changzhou city, China. The production site isNo. 1-1, Dongtang Road, Sanhekou, Zhenglu, Changzhou. Registered Capital is RMB 10,000,000. Business Scope:  designing, producing and sales for electronic component; Self-supporting and distributing Import & export business for different types of commodity and technology.
Company registered area covered 1000 square meters. The production site covers an area of 7,300 square meters Building area is 6290 square meters. The company's existing plants, equipment and other fixed assets are owned by the company.
    In 2014, the company was recognized as a private technology-based enterprise in Jiangsu Province by Jiangsu Private Enterprise Association, and has obtained ISO9001-2014 and ISO14001-2008 system certification. The product has obtained CE certification. The products meet the ROHS requirements of international standards. At present, it has three utility model patents and one invention patent. In 2014, the “凯丽金 KELIKING” trademark registration was completed. In 2016, the “KELIKINGS” trademark registration was completed.
   The company has 175 employees, including 6 R&D personnel and 12 quality control personnel. There are 11 graduated college students with Bachelor or above degree.
    The company has a research and development center, and employs 3 senior electro-acoustic engineers to develop new products together with its own R&D personnel. It has a total of 139 sets of full-performance test sets and automated production equipment.
    In 2017, the company received operating income of 59.1 million yuan. Since 2016, it has organized the improvement of upstream and downstream production and product lines, which has brought about a large increase in the sales revenue of our company.
In 2016, we started to develop and produce piezoelectric ceramic transducers. The specific properties of piezoelectric ceramics are mainly used to produce piezoelectric ceramic transducers and piezoelectric ceramic sensors for distance testing, various media flow tests, medical cosmetology applications, etc. It has been promoted and applied in many our customers’ products.
2. Product introduction and application
    a. Micro SMD Buzzer
Changzhou Keliking Electronics Co., Ltd. is a complete provider of micro SMT acoustic solutions, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of micro SMD electro-acoustic components, and provides customers with a complete set of electro-acoustic solutions. The company's leading products belong to the system integration precision electro-acoustic components, that is, the electronic sounding unit, which acts as a reminder or alarm on various electronic devices. This type of components are widely used in devices such as mobile phone peripheral products, tablet PCs and its peripheral products, Bluetooth system equipment, bank payment system terminals, IoT terminal equipment, smart wearable devices, satellite positioning products, medical equipment and other electronic products. Micro SMD electro-acoustic components must be built in the devices mentioned above.
        b. Piezoelectric Ceramic Transducers
The products are mainly used in distance testing, flow statistics, ultrasonic medical and other industries. Product features: low power consumption, stable transmission and reception of waves, wide wave width, fast test speed, etc.
3.Business Philosophy:
    Our company always adheres to the principle of “customer demand-oriented, strict control of product quality, perfect customer experience, and strives to be an industry pioneer in the market segment. In the spirit of artisans, the products are made, refined, and strengthened
4.Company vision
We sincerely hope we can work together to make KELIKING a better future! I believe I can!

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