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Laird enables and protects the sensitive electronic components that power the world’s most sophisticated devices and machines. We partner with leading technology brands to deliver custom-engineered thermal interface materials, microwave absorbers, precision metals, EMC components, and EMI suppression solutions. Our product portfolio enhances the performance and reliability of electronics, including wearable devices, personal computers, servers, MRI machines, automobiles, 5G base stations, smart meters and much more.  

Laird is renowned for employing the world’s most sophisticated, most reliable, most accurate test and measurement instrumentation. Our powerful portfolio of tools and the talents of our team enable customers to look to Laird alone to rapidly develop concise product modeling and analyze products using critical product performance simulations.

In short, we accelerate innovation. Advanced product modeling strengthens the ability to define desired product attributes. Modeling also helps in overseeing actual design and better analyzing and documenting products under development. We carefully simulate anticipated environments in which products are expected to perform flawlessly over the long term.  Most critically, Laird engages the world’s best predictive performance tools, each noted for precisely forecasting potential issues of concern and guiding possible modifications. Design engineers enjoy peace of mind when engaging Laird’s modeling and simulation capabilities.

Our design engineers and field application engineers work with manufacturers across the world to co-design products specifically to solve the heat, EMI and compliance challenges that can thwart the performance of their advanced electronics. The company’s 11 engineering sites, testing labs and production sites serve the world’s largest and most prestigious manufacturers in a wide mix of industries. Among them: automotive, telecommunications, data infrastructure, medical, consumer electronics.

Laird’s Approach to Co-Design and Co-Engineering

What problem must the customer’s engineering team solve to create a reliable, high-performance product? 

That’s the focus for Laird design engineers and field application engineers each time they create electronics-protecting solutions that suppress, shield or absorb disruptive electromagnetic interference, or transfer away unwanted heat loads.  Working in close collaboration with design engineers from the customer, Laird solves thermal and signal interference challenges in the tiniest medical device or the largest data center; the smallest wearable or an autonomous driving SUV.  

Laird engineers are expert in materials sciences and electrical engineering.  Our teams have decades of experience designing solutions for the toughest heat, EMI and compliance-related problems that manufacturers face. That’s why design engineers from the world’s leading technology brands look to Laird for co-designed solutions when they need to transfer heat, lower thermal resistance, or reduce the effects of radiated energy.

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