Microwave Circuits

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Who We Are
Microwave Circuits is a global provider of high performance microwave components including RF/Microwave filters and diplexers from DC-40 GHz. Our products have been utilized by the defense, aerospace, and high-reliability commercial industries as well as the scientific communities since 1994.

Our Promise
For the past 16 years our products have been known for their quality, High “Q”, sharp drop offs, and innovative approaches for solving some of the RF industries toughest challenges. We promise to our customers innovative approaches to solving filter application challenges, highest possible quality (backed by our three phase testing process) and consistent on-time delivery of the filter products you need - when you need them.

The Technology
Our technical expertise encompasses printed circuits, ceramics, lumped components, helical, machined cavities, and waveguides to produce complex filters that integrate these different technologies into a single filtering device. Our facilities houses 20 state of the art network analyzer test stations, complete CNC machining capability, and vibration / environmental test capabilities - assuring total quality control over all operations.

We believe that exceptional customer service is simply a requirement, not just an added value. We treat all clients as valued business partners by having dedicated program managers and core teams of business professionals assigned to support each project. We are capable, flexible and committed to your success.

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