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METZ CONNECT – this is RIA CONNECT, BTR NETCOM as well as MCQ TECH in a united enterprise association. RIA CONNECT focuses on print-board connectors in screw, spring-type and IDC-type SMT applications and offers its customers access know-how in both traditional manufacturing technology and in modern reflow processes. BTR NETCOM specializes in network components and connectors for structured building and industry cabling; a further specialty is electronic network components for control technology and building automation, and energy monitoring systems. Creating perfect connections is the core competence of METZ CONNECT. The personal commitment of the founding family characterizes the international success of the independent, medium-sized enterprise group, which together with its subsidiaries pursues the company’s goals with a high degree of responsibility. Highly innovative, efficient processes and partnerships have characterized the METZ CONNECT Group for decades. The company’s brands RIA CONNECT, BTR NETCOM MCQ TECH offer a diverse, innovative product portfolio with highly specialized connector components that satisfy with highest quality.

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