The Banding Backshell series is available in Straight, 45°, 90° have an EMI/RFI Shield Screen banding platform and Shrink Boot Adapter groove features. This enables the cable shield or braid screen to be terminated 360 degrees to the banding platform at the rear of the backshell adaptor using a Banding Strap or Termination Band (TELASON Part No# BS-M2C; BS-M3C; BS-M2F; BS-M3F)

A heat shrink boot or overmold is then applied over the terminated area giving a protective environmental seal preventing any water and dust ingress.

  • EMI/RFI Shielded/Screen Termination using Banding Strap
  • Available Standard in Straight (00), 45° or 90° (Right Angle) options
  • Large Range of Standard Shell & Entry sizes available
  • Banding Strap / Termination Band Required
  • Sealing & Strain Relief by Heatshrink Boot or Overmold
  • Alternative Lengths, Angles and Plating options available on request
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