AC Charging Connector T1V-03


Special Features:

Easy Operation

  • Ergonomically designed grip shape.

Weight Saving

  • A 30% weight reduction over our current connector improves handling.

Improved External Design

  • Improved the external design without screw holes.

Safety Structure

  • To be certified by the standard of various countries (Japan, US, Canada, Europe),
    and securing contact reliability and safety.
    * Already certified by PSE, UL, cUL, and CE

10,000 Cycles of Insertion and Removal are Possible

  • Excellent durability makes use for a long period possible.

Crush-resistant Construction

  • The connector does not break even when driven over by a vehicle of up to 2tons.


Rated voltage 250V, 280V(UL)
Rated current 20A, 13A(UL)
Ambient temperature -40┬░ to +60┬░
Cabtyre cable POWER 2, GROUND 1, SIGNAL 1

AC Charging Connector T1V 03 Specs

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