Box Connectors and Snap Connectors


Appleton™ and O-Z/Gedney™ offer SPEED-LOCK™ Connectors. The steel box connectors are used in 1/2″ and 3/4″ knockouts to ground and secure MC, AC and flexible metal conduit to boxes and enclosures. The snap connectors are used in 1/2″ knockouts to ground and secure steel or aluminum AC, MC, MCI, MCI-A, HFC-MCI, FMC and RWFMC flexible metal conduit to boxes and enclosures in dry locations.


  • Steel box connectors: No locknut required. Single-unit or duplex construction with captive clamp. Connects over 100 sizes of MC, AC or flexible metal conduit with just four fittings. Easy to install. Just tilt, insert and snap down. Single-unit construct
  • Snap connectors: Patented design installs in seconds without the use of tools or locknut. Significantly reduces labor. Single, duplex or 90° construction. Design eliminates loose component parts. Superior pullout protection. Easily removable for reus


  • NEC and CEC Certifications and Compliances
    Listed for Ordinary Locations
  • Standard Materials and Finishes
    Steel box connectors: zinc electroplated steel. Snap connectors: zinc diecast body, zinc electroplated steel cover and non-metallic insulator

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