Compact D-Sub connector


The name giver of the D-Sub connector (long form D-Subminiature) is its design, which is reminiscent of the letter ‘D’. The multipole connectors were originally developed for data transmission in 1952.

Robust interface

As interface components, D-Sub connectors ensure smooth data transmission from industrial applications. They are easy to use, reliable and robust.

Compact D-Sub connector

The 114-6 series completes W + P’s product range with a connector pair especially for the IDC ribbon cable sector. With pressed dimensions of around 14.20mm without strain relief, or around 18.80mm with relief, these are attractive dimensions that accommodate ever smaller end devices. Suitable ribbon cables in the 28 AWG range round off the complete package with the 3560 series.

The housings are traditionally offered in steel (nickel-plated) or optionally in all-plastic, insulating bodies are provided in black as standard, gray and blue are also available on request.

Multiple mounting options

There is a choice of fastening options: metal panels with a through hole, with UNC 4-40 or with M3 threaded bolts, as well as an all-plastic version with a through hole. The IDC D-Sub male and female connectors are available with 09, 15, 25 and 37 positions.

A copper alloy with a gold-plated surface over a nickel barrier layer is available as the contact material. The volume resistance is less than 20 mW, the nominal current 1 A, with a maximum current carrying capacity of up to 3 A. Reliable function is guaranteed in a temperature range from -55 ° C to + 105 ° C.

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