Compression Springs


Compression springs are the most common spring configuration that product manufacturers turn to when enhanced product functionality is desired. Used in automotive, aerospace, general industrial, medical and technology products, this spring type is used to resist applied compression forces or to store energy in the push mode. In more simple terms, compression springs contain the highest potential energy when the component is “compressed.”

Spring Materials

Compression springs can be manufactured from a variety of materials, though predominantly from carbon and stainless steels. While a number of spring geometries are possible in any material, choosing the correct metal alloy for your application can involve a number of factors from ambient temperatures, corrosive environments, and even the normal weather patterns where the springs will be used.

Depending on the size of the material necessary to produce your solution, MW Industries has the ability to manufacture compression springs from cold-coiled wire or hot-wound bar stock.


Wire diameter: 0.004″ – 0.625″


Bar stock diameter: 0.625″ – 1.875″

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