Consumer Goods Fastener


A manufacturer of premium fashion eyewear sought a means of incorporating branding and functionality into fasteners used on their products.

They required a clearly defined logo that would also function as a driver to be designed onto a .1090” screw head. Sussex Wire provided the optimal solution in four ways:

  • Logo integration for brand protection
  • Drive functionality of branded fastener head
  • Versatile tool package to reduce future lead time and cost
  • Improved part strength and quality through cold heading

The in-house engineering team at Sussex Wire collaborated with the manufacturer to develop a cold headed fastener ensuring their logo met criteria appropriate for cold heading, legibility, and to allow for usability as a driver. As a result of the cold heading process, the customer benefited from an increase in both fastener thread and driver functionality strength. Through the tool design processes, Sussex Wire considered future needs of the customer by designing a tool that would accommodate additional fastener lengths and threads, enabling the customer to maximize investment.

Critical Tolerances:

  • Clarity of logo on screw head
  • Head diameter of .1090” ±.0020”
  • Fully formed, lap free #0-80 thread
  • Material with sufficient strength to use the fastener head as a driver

Unique Benefits:

  • Brand identification
  • Versatile tool mitigates future lead time and cost
  • Work hardening enhances component durability and product life cycle
  • 100% Net Shape – No material scrap
Use:  Branded fastener for use in eyeglasses
Material:  Stainless Steel 302HQ

Manufacturing Method: 

  • Cold Heading
  • Thread Rolling

Sussex Wire is a global pioneer in collaborative design, development, manufacture and control of miniature and micro-miniature metal components for customers seeking a better solution for yield, strength, assembly and cost through the application of cold forming technologies. Mechanical design and assembly firms the world over turn to Sussex Wire for their most advanced near-net-shape part requirements to eliminate material scrap, increase mechanical strength and reduce costly secondary operations.

Sussex Wire employs ver tically integrated LEAN practices in design, manufacturing, order and global inventory management including stock custom miniature and micro components for JIT delivery to international customers in the Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Appliance, Consumer Electronics, Defense and Semiconductor markets.

Our engineering team applies advanced progression, materials characterization, tooling and manufacturing knowledge to develop cost-effective production routines for each customer’s requirements.

Using finite element analysis, quick-turn prototyping, CAD/CAM, soft tooling and in-house tool-making, Sussex has the depth and capabilities to move your project quickly into production.

and in-house tool-making, Sussex has the depth and capabilities to move your project quickly into production.

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