CTS 1.2 Series

CTS 1.2 Series

The CTS 1.2 series offers robust terminal design, improved erognomics for protected and easier mating and withstands high vibration up to V4. This series is widely used in engine sensor and harsh environment applications. 

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  • Withstanding high vibration up to V4
  • High temperature 150°C, enduring additional 175°C with high performance seal
  • Easy unmate connector from device by Smart Locking System
  • Connector Position Assurance (CPA)
  • Cavities accept 0.13 to 1.0 mm² cables
  • Protected mating area
  • One robust primary locking lance
  • High performance copper alloy
  • Shape inside four electrical contact points
  • Ultrasonic welding ability according to AK 43-2


  •  Engine compartment, on-engine, sensor or device
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