DC/DC Brick(50~400W)



ECCO Electronics railway line of DC-DC converters are designed to provide isolated DC power in the transportation industry for such

electronics as LED displays, audio amplifiers, safety monitors, lighting, and communications systems.Due to the difficult environmental conditions the transportation market poses on power supplies, ECCO Electronics has designed the railway line for optimal performance in the most demanding applications,add the external circuit can pass EN50155/IEC60571:1998 approval,

30~400W DC/DC brick for board mount,high reliability for railway application:

  • (1)Input voltage:72V(50~120),110V(72~144),optional 60~150V
  • (2)Output voltage:5V,12V,15V,18V,24V,28V,36V,48V.
  • (3)Input-output isolated voltage:1.5KV
  • (4)110V input max up to 400W for railway application.
  • (5)Customized voltage is welcome.
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