Product Name: 2.54mm pitch DIP switches  DSIC Surface Mount DIP Switch Product Guide

Inventory information: Taiwan KE brand, KINGTEK
Product Category: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12 bit 11 types


  • 1.27mm pitch;
  • Standard gold-clad contacts;
  • attaching electrical resistance temperature film;
  • a high-temperature plastic body design.

DIP switch product performance:

  1. Rated current:
    Switching current 25mA, 24VDC
    Not switching current 100mA, 50VDC
  2. Contact resistance:
    50 milliohms initial value
    Life measured after 100 mOhm
  3. Insulation resistance: minimum 500 megohms at 500VDC
  4. withstand voltage: 500VDC / one minute
  5. Operating force: maximum force 1000gf
  6. Life Test: 3000

DIP switch Material:

  1. cover and the body: plastic UL94V-0 rated high temperature material, black
  2. Push button: plastic UL94V-0 high temperature material, white
  3. fixed contacts and the movable contacts: copper gilt;
  4. pin: copper gilt;
  5. attached to the film: high temperature film

DIP switch welding:
1 Hand soldering: 30 watts branding: no more than 350 degrees Celsius for three seconds or 270 degrees Celsius within less than 5 seconds.

2 reflow soldering: 265 degrees Celsius within 275 degrees Celsius for 10 seconds, please push the button when soldering and cleaning located in “OFF” position.

DIP switches Package:
All switches push and twist when packaged are set in the “OFF” position; IC Tube
Governor Kwong Industrial Co., Ltd. specializing in the development and manufacture of various DIP switches, DIP switches, toggle switches, slide switches, touch switches ,, dip switches digits 1-12 bits, pitch into 1.27mm and 2.54mm, has achieved ISO9001, CQC quality certification system, skilled use of statistical quality control SQC (Statistic Quality Control) in process control and comprehensive quality control TQC (Total Quality Control), 90 percent of products exported to Europe and America.

DIP switch (also called DIP switches, toggle switch, overclocking switch, the address switch, mired switches, digital switches, DIP switches) is an operation control address is used to switch, using the binary coding theory 0/1. Popular to say that is a miniature by hand toggle switch, so it means a lot generally called DIP switches.

DIP Switch Type: DIP switch a lot of models, according to the pin points to distinguish and have in-line (DIP) SMD (SMD), in accordance with toggle ways to be divided with the flat side of the dial points aside, according to 2.54mm and 1.27mm pin pitch has foot spacing of the points, in accordance with the color black, red, blue difference. There are two states according to the state is now tri-state the points. It is normally the number of bits are bits 1-10, 12, 11 digits.

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