Fan Heat Sink Assemblies

Fan Heat Sink Assemblies

Effective, ready to install air cooling solutions

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Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation Fan Heat Sink Assemblies are pre-assembled complete thermal solutions for a variety of board level applications. Save time and space while increasing thermal performance with these compact solutions that are ready to install. Impinging air flow from the fan enables the cool intake air to contact more fin surface area, improving thermal performance.

Standard Aavid Fan Heat Sink Assemblies are comprised of a black anodized aluminum heat sink, an Aavid fan, attachment hardware, and thermal interface material. These drop-in solutions provide localized cooling to increase the performance and reliability of your FPGA/BGA device.

Since we fabricate both heat sinks and axial fans in-house as well as convert thermal interface materials from a wide variety of material options, Aavid can mix and match standard components for quick semi-custom options or produce fully customized Fan Heat Sink Assemblies to meet your specific project requirements, dimensions, thermal performance and configurations.

Fan Heat Sink Assembly Product Details:

Mix and match any of our standard components to build a semi-custom fan heat sink assembly, or custom design a solution with our thermal engineers:

  • Fans & Blowers:
    • Axial Fans
    • Low Profile Blowers
  • Heat Sinks:
    • Extruded
    • Skived Fin
    • Folded Fin
    • Zipper Fin
    • Bonded Fin
    • Brazed Fin
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