Heat Sink(≤20mm)

Heat Sink(≤20mm)

  • Good thermal dissipation ability
  • Customized design
  • Easy to assemble

Heat sink (mainly made of aluminum or copper) is a kind of metal contain high thermal dissipation ability, light weight and easy to have machining. It is one of the popular heat dissipation products and can stick on the surface of heat source. How to increase the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation surface in order to increase the product’s heat dissipation efficiency is the hard issue of this industry. Stamping, extrusion, die casting and forging are the production way of heat sink. These products and be the main components of heat dissipation for various applications and their application shell.


Heat sink is mainly use in central processing unit (CPU), video chipset (GPU), and single-chip and multi-chip module (MCM). It is one of the most popular electronic heat dissipation products.

Electronic components: Electric Vehicles, 5G, Autopilot System, Mobile Phone, AIOT, HPC (High Performance Computing),Server, IC, CPU, MOS, LED back light, Mother Board, Power Supply,Heat Sink, LCD-TV, Notebook, PC, Telecom Device, Wireless Hub, DDR ll Module, NIC, screens, etc.

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