High current connector system with a pitch of 9.0mm


Connectors are the least perceived part of an end product. Mostly installed on a printed circuit board, these are mostly invisible except for the external connection to the energy source, and they are often underestimated. An electronic device without a connector? Unthinkable!

Contrary to the trend towards ever smaller grid dimensions and heights, W + P offers a giant with a 9.0mm grid. He also has his customers, in this case products from the embedded computing area and the general power supply for peripheral devices. This type of cable-to-cable (wire-to-wire) connection in crimping technology is used in areas of application that are difficult to access and require a power supply with high currents.

The mechanically coded housing design of the pin and socket of the 991 series allows a lockable connection, as the central locking lug of the pin housing audibly joins the socket housing. This prevents accidental loosening, and at the same time this type of fuse serves as reverse polarity protection.

Corresponding pin and socket contacts allow a suspended and detachable interface, robust crimp connections of this type ensure high electrical and mechanical reliability, required in areas that are subject to shock and vibration.

The 991 series is available with the following contact numbers: 02, 03, 04 and 06, applicable to a cable cross-section of AWG 20 – 14, the connectors can be used for up to 15 A per contact. A copper alloy with a tinned contact surface is available as the contact material; the insulating bodies are made of thermoplastic according to UL94 V-2. Reliable function is guaranteed in the temperature range from -25 ° C to + 85 ° C.

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