Image Sensor Dual DIP Socket

Image Sensor Dual DIP Socket

Andon Electronics has developed a multi-functional socket for the Kodak Image Sensor, KAI-08050, using our unique Senstac™ contact specifically designed for image sensor devices. Andon sockets provide high reliability.



Andon’s Dual Dip Socket that will accept the Kodak KAI-01050, KAI-02050, KAI-02150 and KAI-08050.

The advantages for using Andon Image Sensor Sockets are the elimination of production line ESD, elimination of high temperature lead free soldering that can damage the color array and the elimination of cleaning solutions that can damage the glass cover.

The socket is soldered on the PCB and the Image Sensor is plugged-in after all other assembly.

Image Sensors can be easily replaced and eliminates the risk of de-soldering and blistering multi-layer PCB.

Andon sockets provide high reliability at lower total cost.


Download: Data Sheet
Download: Carrier Socket Data Sheet

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