Klixon Circuit Breaker, 1 Amp

Klixon Circuit Breaker, 1 Amp

Additional Information

Weight 0.053 lbs
Dimensions 2 × .7 × .5 in
Klixon Recovered


KLIXON 7277-1 amp trip free 7/16″ bushing mounted circuit breaker.

This push-pull CB has 7/16-32 mounting & 6-32 wiring hardware included.
The CB is about 0.570″ wide x 0.940″ tall & 2.1″ overall length.
The 7277 CBs will protrude about 1.550″ behind the panel when mounted.
Remember you may need further room behind the panel for wiring.
The KLIXON CBs are used extensively in general & sport aircraft.
7277 CBs are the most compact breakers we handle & work well for tight layouts.

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