KPD/MF5A Epoxy-Sealed NTC Thermistor Series

KPD/MF5A Epoxy-Sealed NTC Thermistor Series

Application for electronic thermometer,electronic calendar, electronic clock temperature display,electronic present.Cooling and heating equipment,electronic heating constant appliances.Automobile electronic temperature measurement and control circuit.Temperature sensor and temperature instrument.Medical electronic equipment and electronic washing equipment.

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(1) Appearance and Dimensions
Φ:0.2~0.6, specific dimensions may be made as required by customers.

Epoxy enclosed, small in volume, with quick response time and high sensitivity.
Stable in working, high in reliability and precision.
Consistent and easy to interchange.


Precision temperature measurement.
Temperature compensation for electric circuits.
Temperature measurement and control circuit.


Electric thermo meter, electric calendar, electric clock temperature presentation and electric gifts.
Cooling and heating equipment, electric heating constant appliances.
Automobile electric temperature measurement and control circuit.
Temperature sensor and temperature instrument.
Medical electrical equipment and electric toilet facilities.

(5)Description of Product Types and Specifications

1. KPD —— Abbreviations for KePengDa.
2. MF -—— Indicates negative temperature (NTC) coefficient thermistor.
3. 5A —— Temperature measurement type epoxy enclosed thermistor.
4. 103 —— Nominal resistance of thermistor, e.g. 103 indicates that the nominal resistance of the thermistor is 10 * 103 (Ω).
5. G —— Resistance error (precision), e.g. G indicates the error (precision) of the thermistors is ± 2%.
6. 360 —— Material factor B25/50 value of thermistor, e.g.360 indicates the material factor B25/50 value of the thermistor is 360*10K.
7. F —— B25/50 error (precision), e.g. F indicates the B25/50 error (precision) of the thermistor is ±1% .
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