LiPoly Battery Packs

LiPoly Battery Packs

Supplying more than 8 years service of lipoly battery for different electronic products development company, not only the lipoly battery single cell is widely used, the series /parallel lipoly battery is also popular with our customers. Compared to other suppliers of lipoly battery, we offer better service in these aspects:


Higher Capacity or Higher Voltages LiPoly Battery Packs
We can provide semi-custom service to manufacture lipoly battery in series (increase voltage: 7.4V, 11.1V, 22.2V…) or in parallel (increase capacity: 2P, 3P, 4P, 5P) in your mechanical dimensions. Also we can manufacture the lipoly battery packs with increasing the voltage and capacity at the same time(2S2P, 3P3S …).

Enhanced Safety with Japan IC & MOS Protectors, More Durable
All lipoly batteries have enhanced safety with Japan IC & MOS protectors, which can provide stable and durable lipoly battery energy for your design prototype. What’s more, we’ll rigorous testing and charging(60%) lipoly-battery packs before shipping to ensure higher quality of lipoly battery packs.

Blue Shrink Wrap, and Resonable Tolerance includes Swell Space
LiPoly Battery Packs will be shrink wrapped to ensure the tight combination of the lipoly battery. On the other hand, the lipoly battery packs has a reasonable tolerance of dimensions including the space of swell, fundamentally put an end to the risk of explosion.

Special Balancer for Stable Chargeing/Discharging of LiPoly Battery Packs
We design a special balancer for lipoly battery packs can be stable charged and discharged at the same time, and have the efficient work with your deisgned product.

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