M25SP-3N, -4N



  • Compact size and high-output torque.
  • Superior running quietness and stability.


  • Printers, multifunction machines, copy machines, FAX, etc.


Item M25SP-3N M25SP-4N
Rated Voltage DC 24V
Working Voltage DC 21.6~26.4V
Rated Current/Phase 227mA(PEAK) 380mA(PEAK)
Coil DC Resistance 21Ω/phase±10% 18Ω/phase±10%
Step Angle 7.5º/step 15º/step
Drive Method Constant Current
Excitation Method 2-2 Phase excitation(Bipolar driving)
Insulation Class Class E insulation
Holding Torque 21mN·m 20.6mN·m
Pull-out Torque 11.3mN·m/1,600pps 12.5mN·m/1,200pps
Pull-in Torque 12.1mN·m/540pps 15.0mN·m/200pps
Max. Pull-out Pulse Rate 2,400pps 2,950pps
Max. Pull-in Pulse Rate 1,060pps 760pps


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