CSR Series


MELF metal film precision resistor, ready for the size of 0204/0207. Tight tolerance of 0.1%, TC5/10/15/25/50ppm.
The MELF is cylindrical in shape and with metal electrode Leadless face resistor. Land pattern sizes are the same as SMD chip resistors.
It is manufactured by depositing a homogeneous film of NiCr onto a high-grade ceramic body. High quality of MELF resistors offer excellent electrical and Environmental Stability, exceptional stability demonstrated over life, biased humidity, and short time overload testing.
Short lead time, Effective cost control, price competitiveness


  • Excellent overall stability.
  • Tight tolerance down to ±0.1%.
  • Extremely low TCR down to ±10 PPM/°C.
  • High power rating up to 1 Watts.


  • Telecommunication
  • Medical Equipment
  • Measurement/Testing Equipment

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