ML322510HE (3.20×2.50×1.0 mm)


High Current Power Inductors,Molded Power Inductors – SEP ,SMP , REP SERIES(2~17mm)

Low Profile High Current Inductors

Wirewound high current Inductor with dimension 3.20×2.50×1.0 mm, and metal alloy composite structure. This model provide near linear inductance vs. current and do not saturate, high efficiency, while also offering a cost effective design solution. This miniature wire-wound high current inductor was designed to achieve low dc resistance, low power loss, while maintaining a reasonable operating temperature. This series have small footprint and low profile (1 mm only), soft saturation and could handle high transient current spikes. The self heating current is 6 Amps and saturate current is up to 9 Amps. The robust and molded construction, there is no leakage flux or acoustic noise. This high current surface mount power inductor has an operating temperature range of -40 °C to 125 °C. This molding wirewound inductor is suitable for wireless communication devices, DC-DC converter for field programmable gate array(FPGA), high current power supplies or other application which need the high current, low power loss. Whole series product is RoHS, REACH compliance and Halogen free.

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