• Simple & Robust magnetic compact design
  • Endless rotation
  • Up to 360º of electrical angle
  • Magnetic shielding (models without shielding are available for better cost-effectiveness)
  • Programmable linear transfer characteristics (positive slopes & negative slopes can be programmed)
  • Self-diagnostic features
  • Over voltage protection and reverse voltage protection
  • Analog and PWM output   
  • Simple or redundant output

Target Applications:

  • Non-Contacting long life angle/position sensor.
  • Absolute rotary position sensor
  • Pedal position sensor.
  • Throttle/EGR valve and gear position sensor.
  • Height & suspension sensor.
  • Non-contacting potentiometer.
  • Float-level sensor.
  • Joysticks and hand controls.
  • Robotics, material handling, industrial equipment, HVAC monitoring & control, etc.

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MSC360 drawing scaled

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