Opto Sensors


Aleph manufactures a complete line of interrupter, reflective and actuator type opto sensors. The office automation and computer industries are two of the primary areas where these sensors are used. Aleph’s actuator type sensors are original designs using state of the art technology. Aleph has received an excellent reputation for our being energy efficient as well as saving space and design cost.Rapid progress in the electronics industry is causing technological changes in many fields at an accelerated pace. One such field is sensors. Sensors are very important in the success of innovative engineering. Aleph opto sensors have earned a fine reputation in this demanding field. Due to our years of experience in advanced sensor technology and our strict quality control process, Aleph interrupter, reflective and actuator type opto sensors offer many advantages such as quick response, ease of use, compact size and low cost. These are a few of the reasons why Aleph sensors play a major role in automation and miniaturization today. As applications become more sophisticated, manufacturers are continually required to design new sensors and enhance technology that meets the customers needs. In order to address these demands Aleph has designed over 150 standard catalog sensors and is developing over 250 custom made designs per year for special customer requests. All of our sensors are engineered using state of the art technology, vertical integration and strict quality control procedures. Give Aleph sensors a try and see our technology and quality at work.
  • Interrupt mode includes dust/waterproof packages
  • Reflective mode includes ambient light filters
  • Lever actuated (counterweight and spring loaded)
  • Single Phototransistor, Photo Darlington, and Schmitt Triger output styles
  • PCB and panel mount
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