Power Capacitor


Power Capacitor



FRANKE GMKP  cylindrical capacitor is the new design  of impregnation filled / mixed  with special protective gas, low loss metallized polypropylene film and self-healing , the capacitor built in an aluminum cylindrical can and fitted with a mounting stud.

The GMKP capacitors are AC series 1 to 30Kvar intended to increase packing density per capacitor bank and cut component cost.Improved thermal response and simplified installation are advantage of the cylindrical aluminum case.


  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Dry technology&Excellent self –healing
  3. Extended useful life of 100,000.00 operation hours
  4. Overpressure-disconnector & Overcurrent -disconnector System
  5. High inrush current ability of up to 200 times rated current


  1. Automatic power factor correction(PFC) and capacitor banks
  2. Fixed power factor corrections individual (e.g.motor, transformers, lighting, etc)
  3. Group fixed power factor correction (several equipments connected in a group)
  4. Capacitor banks of tuned and detuned.
  5. Harmonic trap applications (e.g.UPS, frequency drives and converters, etc)
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