Helical Servo couplings are offered in many different attachment styles as well as a vast array of sizes and materials to suite your specific application and/or custom requirements. Maintaining optimum system performance relies on properly matching a shaft coupling based on your specific performance and application requirements and standards. At Helical, we have taken the guesswork out of selecting the precise servo coupling for your application by factoring in critical component dynamics such as shaft misalignment, space requirements, torque, and RPM.

Beam Couplings for Servo Applications

  • Best for accommodating shaft misalignment
  • Many options in material, finish and cut patterns.
  • Features low torque and torsional stiffness (in comparison to other types of servo couplings)
  • Wide range of bore sizes; .094” to 1.0” SAE (3mm to 22mm metric)
  • Zero-backlash
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