Surface Mounting Metal(SMTM)



  • Holder material: Nickel plated phosphor bronze
  • Nickel plated throughout
  • Sizes: CR1225, CR1632 and CR2032
  • Weight range: 0.40 … 0.90 g
  • Height range: 3.20 … 4.00 mm
  • Industrial bulk packaging / Tape and reel packaging
  • Operating temperature range -40°C / +100°C (without battery)


  • Low profile for compact PCBs
  • Light weight metal material
  • Dual spring contacts for low resistance
  • Soldering holes for increased joint strength
  • Designed for automatic „pick & place“ mounting
  • Safe retention of coin cell
  • Supports reflow and wave soldering
  • Designed for high temperature soldering

Download: Technical Drawing

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