Wire to Board Connectors Crimp Style


This connector is 48 circuits sealed and lever type connector.
Female connector is ZRO, and TCUD male connector and is a lower height than ZRO male connector.

  •  Lower profile

            The height from PC board is lower than ZRO connector

  •  Improvement of Operability

            The lever is adopted to decrease the connector mating force.

            The fixing part to PC board is lightly press-fitted boss configuration in consideration of the workability when assembling.

  • Sealed

            Mat seal is adopted for improving the workability of wire seal part.

  •  Durability

            Heat resistant specification corresponding up to 125 degrees Celsius.

  •  Variation

            If the optional harness cover is used, the harness can be taken out from the side.

  •  RoHS Compliant


01 – Connection Type: Automotive
02 – Product Type: Wire to Board Crimp style Connectors
04 – Current rating: Power/7 A DC
04 – Current rating: Signal/5 A DC
06 – Temperature range: -40 to +125 Degrees Celsius
07 – Available number of circuits: 48
13 – PCB Mount Style: Through-hole Technology (THT)
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