TG-A3500 Ultra Soft Thermal Pad

TG-A3500 Ultra Soft Thermal Pad

  • Very good thermal conductivity
  • High compressibility and compliancy
  • Natural tack

By using a special process, we use the silicone as the base material, adding thermal conductive powder and flame retardant together to make the mixture to become thermal interface material. This is effective in lower the thermal resistance between the heat source and the heat sink.

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Thermal pad with good thermal conductivity, often used in the middle gap of battery modules 

Electronic components: Electric Vehicles, 5G, Autopilot System, Mobile Phone, AIOT, HPC (High Performance Computing),Server, IC, CPU, MOS, LED, Mother Board,Power Supply,Heat Sink,LCD-TV,Notebook,PC,Telecom Device,Wireless Hub,DDR ll Module, etc.

Properties TG-A3500 Unit Tolerance Test Method
Thermal Conductivity 3.5 W / mK ±1.4 ASTM D5470
Thickness 0.5~8.0 mm ASTM D374
0.0197~0.315 inch ASTM D374
Color yellow Visual
Flame Rating V-0 UL 94
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage 6 KV / mm ASTM D149
Weight Loss <1 % ASTM E595
Density 2.3 g / cm3 ±0.2 ASTM D792
Working Temperature -50 ~ +150 °C
Volume Resistance 8×1012 Ohm-m ASTM D257
Elongation 80 % ASTM D412
Standard Shape Sheet ones
Hardnes 30 Shore 00 ±15 ASTM D2240
●Compliance with REACH  ●Compliance with RoHS  ●Compliance with UL
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