Tilt module

Tilt module

  • MFM010101
  • Function: 45° tilt detection for four directions in horizontal position
  • Certification: RoHS,Patent
  • Trade Term: EX-WORK
  • Original Place: Taiwan
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  • Low power consumption
  • Add hysteresis while electrical connection made.
  • High conductive rate
  • Quick response
  • Before turning on battery power, the positive and negative terminal must connect properly otherwise it will conflict with the external power supply.
  • Please do not exceed the rated load as there will be a risk of disabling the product function
  • All made in Taiwan and examine d before shipment
  • For the continued product improvement as one of the company policy, specifications may change or update without notice. The latest information can be obtained through our sales offices. Normally, all products are supplied under our standard conditions.


MFM010101 45° Tilt detection for Four directions in Horizontal Position

Tilt module specs

  • Step 1  Turn on the module power (Module fixed in a horizontal position)
  • Step 2  Tilt forward ,Backward ,Left or Right
  • Step 3  When tilt from horizontal toward vertical beyond the desired angle, LED lights.
  • Step 4  Electrical connection made at terminal station
  • Step 5  When inclination restores from vertical toward horizontal, due to hysteresis installed, electrical connection keeps making contact for 7~10 seconds, LED keeps lighting in the meanwhile.
  • Step 6  After 7~10 seconds,electrical connection broke at terminal station.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Contact Rating : 120mA,60VDC
  • Contact Resistance : 16Ω max.
  • Insulation Resistance : 5 GΩ min.,60 VDC
  • Dielectric Strength : 3750 VDC min.,1 minute
  • Capacitance : 5 pF max.

Current/Voltage Suggested

Input Current (mA) Operating Voltage (V) Condition
1.0 5
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