TPiM 1T 0136 L5.5 Thermopile Module – Calibrated with lens

TPiM 1T 0136 L5.5 Thermopile Module – Calibrated with lens

The Excelitas TPMI Sensor Module features the TPMI Thermopile Sensor on a PCB with connector for easy plug-and-play integration. The sensor includes a thermopile sensor chip connected to an internal circuit which provides for the amplification calculation of signals into temperature related output.




  • Operation Voltage: 4.5-5.5V /1.5mA
  • Object Temp. Range (OAA250): -20°C to 250°C
  • Object Temp. Range (OAA060): -20°C to 60°C
  • Response Time: 100 ms
  • Housing with optical window: TO-5
  • Field of View: 4.5°

This series includes the proven concept of TPMI® in TO-5 housing with integral lens. It senses the thermal radiation emitted by objects and converts this to an analog voltage. The module is fully factory-calibrated for an accurate signal output over a specified temperature range and includes optional temperature compensation and a plug-and-play connector.

The internal signal processing with 8-bit resolution of the control registers and the E2PROM technology allow for calibration as per customer requirements.

Two calibration ranges are available as standard options:

  • TPiM 1T 0136 L5.5 OAA250 P7 for up to 250°C
  • TPiM 1T 0136 L5.5 OAA060 P7 for up to 60°C


  • Internal signal processing
  • Factory calibrated
  • Optics available
  • Ambient temperature compensation
  • ISO thermal housing


  • General purpose temperature sensing
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