TPiS 1T 1086 L5.5 CaliPile Sensor

TPiS 1T 1086 L5.5 CaliPile Sensor

The first and only multi-function Thermopile Sensor of it’s kind, the NEW Excelitas CaliPile® Sensor (TPiS 1T 1086 L5.5) represents a new generation of intelligent IR Sensors, capable of motion detection, presence monitoring and temperature measurement… all from a single, robust TO sensor package. Featuring a thermopile sensor chip connected to internal circuitry within TO packaging with intregral Lens options, the CaliPile TPiS 1T 1086 L5.5 is suited for highly effective, extended-range, multi-function sensing.




  • Operation Voltage: 2.6-3.6V
  • Sensitivity S100: 41 Counts/K
  • Noise: 8 Counts/K
  • Time Constant: 15 ms
  • Housing with optical window: TO-5
  • Field-of-view: 5°

The TPiS 1T 1086 L5.5 is calibrated for temperature ranges up to 350°C in temperature measurement applications. Higher temperature ranges are optionally available.Users may reference the maximum temperature setting as trigger level since the interrupt function will alert users when the level is exceeded.

CaliPile Features

  • ISOthermal TO-39 package
  • High-sensitivity thermopile with 5° field-of-view
  • Integrated 50 µW low-power signal processing
  • I2C interface, hardware-configurable address
  • Calibration data for ambient and object temperature sensing
  • Interrupt function for presence, motion, over-temperature and more

CaliPile Typical Applications

  • Optimal for remote temperature measurement
  • Fast remote over-temperature protection
  • Mid-field human presence sensing
  • Far-field human motion detection
  • Passive light-barrier for People Counting
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