Turret Nut


The Philidas® Turret Nut, originally designed for the aircraft industry, is now available for commercial use and is often used within the rail industry.
The locking function is located in the turret (collared) section of the nut, which has two slots, one above the other, designed to depitch the bolt threads, providing lower prevailing torque and higher re-usability than the Philidas® Industrial type.

Unaffected by chemicals such as oil, petrol or other liquids and vapors and is suitable for use in high or low temperatures.

The Philidas® Turret Nut is available in: ISO coarse, UNF, UNC, BA, BSF, AND BSW threads ( 2.5mm to 52mm, 4-40 (6BA) to 3 in)

Philidas Turret Nuts are available in steel grade 8 & 10 in various finishes &amp, also stainless steel.

UNC & UNF Philidas Turret Nuts available from 4-40″ to 3″ in steel grade 1 & 3 in various finishes.

BA, BSW & BSF are manufactured to order and are subject to minimum order quantity.

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