VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Tape


VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back hook and loop fasteners are ideal for smooth surfaces and can be used for indoor or outdoor applications. They are available in squares, coins, strips, and tapes and come in a range of different sizes and colors.


Care & Application

Ideal For Smooth Surfaces

VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Fasteners are perfect for smooth surfaces. Cut your strips and rolls to whatever size you need for walls, glass, tile, plastic, metal and wood.

Perfect For Everyday Applications

VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Fasteners are incredibly versatile and are even water resistant. Our adhesive tape, strips and coins give you an array of options for keeping things organized and connected.

Permanent Adhesives

A durable and long lasting fastening solution perfect for around the house, classroom, office and garage! Unlimited possibilities for organization and crafting.

Adhesive Backed

1. Clean and dry surface before application.
2. Peel tape from fastener and press firmly into place.
3. Adhesive reaches maximum strength after 24 hours.

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